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I’m a generalist. I believe it’s easier to solve problems if you have a solid foundation and are willing to learn new things  when and where you need them. I work towards unimpeded flows and love piecing together puzzles.

When developing websites, I am just as concerned with the functionality of the admin panel as I am with the front end content. If a site is difficult to admin it probably won’t be used, and what’s the point of that? Additionally, I enjoy transforming prototypes into functioning applications through consultation on design and user interaction.

I have worked as the lone programmer in small teams of designers and fabricators, as well as with large teams of developers on larger codebases. Regardless of the team size or project, collaboration is the most rewarding part of it. If you have a project that you’d like help on, let’s talk!

  • Develops with

    • HTML
    • CSS / SASS
    • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • paper.js
    • PHP
    • WordPress
    • Git
    • Gulp
  • Plays with

    • Kinect
    • Arduino
    • Processing
    • Max/MSP
    • Ableton Live
  • A little rusty in

    • Maya
    • Blender
    • webGL
    • Angular
    • React
    • Laravel
  • Fabricates using

    • Soldering Iron
    • CNC Mill
    • Lasercutter
    • Lathe